1-on-1 Training

1-on-1 Individual Sessions

Package of 5: $425

Pay as you go: $95/each

1-on-1 training sessions with a trainer are a great way to give your pup some individual attention. Many clients use this 45 min. session to work with our experienced trainers on a specific issue, eg: counter surfing, excessive barking, independence, leash aggression, agility, endurance, etc. Before an individual session is scheduled, a 30 min. consultation is required. This allows, you, your pup and your trainer to get to know one another! Most dogs will need to be familiar with their trainer before they will trust them enough to listen/learn. Your trainer will also use this time to evaluate your dog so that we know what level of training your pup is at. Additionally, you should use this time to ask any questions you may have. You should feel comfortable with your trainer and know that they have your dog's best interest in mind!

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