Board & Train

The training facility is on 26 acres and has the capability to hold up to 50 dogs. Our program includes the use of our K9 Fit Gym, multiple days of environmental training, fun play time as well as relaxation time and group classes in a settings with other dogs for socialization.

On an average day we start at 6:30am and our last walk is around 9:30pm. Each dog gets a minimum of 28 hours of 1-on-1, intense obedience training and/or behaviour modification training (based on the 2-week course). This does not include the time we spend with socialization, general exercise/gym time, walks and meal time.

We pride ourselves on the stimulation and attention we give to each individual dog. We are well versed in training high drive dogs as well as family pets and use many different tools and collars, (flat collar, prong collar, e-collar, etc). We understand that each dog is different and not all dogs respond to training the same way. We rely on clear communication before any pressure is added during training.

Our basic board and train starts at $2,800 for 2 weeks. 


  • Starting price: 3 weeks: $3,600
  • Starting price: 5 weeks: $5,000
  • Starting price: 8 weeks: $6,400

The Board & Train is our most effective program. With this service, your dog stays with us at our 26 acre training facility for a specified period of time. Your pup will have a private suite in one of our luxurious kennels. Initially, we will make assessment and develop a customized training plan for your dog as soon as they arrive. In addition, our board & train program incorporates all types of practical situations, inside and outside. Your dog will be worked around people, other dogs and in many different environments including our K9 Paw Fit gym. When you arrive to pick up your dog at the conclusion of the program you will be given an intensive 90 minute handler session. During this session you will learn the tools that your dog has been trained with and how to properly handle them. Since this program is so popular, we do book up months in advance so call today to reserve your spot.

  •  6-8 training sessions daily
  • 3-4 walks/play time daily
  • all the benefits of group training but with expedited results
  • multiple handlers

Puppy Board & Train for pups under 6 months and younger. 1 week long $1500

~A must for puppy owners to fast track their puppy’s most important social development period.

~Proactive in preventing unwanted and destructive behaviors before they begin.

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