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About Our Facility
Our private K9 Gunner Tactical facility allows us to provide first class care for pets and their owners with stunning views, an "at-home" feel and a professional staff to aid you and your furry friend every step of the way.

The ranch sits on Scott's mountain with breathtaking views for 50 miles on a clear day! It includes state of the art, pet washing and drying studio and 50 indoor/outdoor kennels. There are nature trails sewn throughout the 26 acres of land and all buildings are insulated and temperature controlled year round.

We pride ourselves on the stimulation and attention we give to each individual dog. We are well versed in training high drive dogs and use many different tools and collars, (flat collar, prong collar, e-collar). We understand that each dog is different and not all dogs respond to training the same way; therefore we rely on clear communication before any pressure is added during training.
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We offer a program where you, the owner and handler, will be able to stay at our facility and train with your dog. For at least the first two weeks, your K9 must come alone. After that time frame we encourage you to come and take part in the process. If you can't come, we will set up a virtual training program that you will need to complete. This is to review what and how we trained your pup at K9 Gunner Tactical. We want to make sure we give you the tools needed to take your dog home and make even more progress on your own with a stronger bond, a lot of trust, and an even stronger team!
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