Build a Bond. Build Trust. Build Your Team.

“Our approach to training begins with the relationship you have with your dog. You can’t demand something from them if you don’t have a bond. Once your dog learns to trust you and learns what you want them to do and what you don’t want them to do, they will look to you for everything.

No matter the size, breed or problem, K9 Gunner Tactical will work with you and your dog to Build a Bond, Build Trust and Build Your Team.”
“My dog started to have some issues on walks, barking and lunging at anyone or thing moving. After just a few classes we learned so much and I can now take her anywhere with no problems at all. Brady is very knowledgeable and great with dogs. Not only is my dog becoming more obedient and learning new things, our bond is growing everyday!”

- Christina -
“Brady is phenomenal with my pup Tito who is labraheeler rescue from Puerto Rico. He ambitiously interacts with Tito during his training sessions and works on both obedience training as well as fit training to make sure our little man is physically in shape and toned. Book your training with him today, you will not be dissatisfied.”

- Brian -