Brady Foster
Owner and Operator
Founder Brady Foster began his passion for learning and working with K-9's while serving time overseas in the Marine Corps. During operations in Iraq, Brady saw the unique and skillful way K-9's were able to aid the troops overseas by detecting explosives, enemy insurgents while simultaneously saving lives. It then became clear to him that dogs really are a man's best friend! After coming home and completing his bachelor’s degree at Rutgers University, Brady continued to train and learn from many trainers in many different areas. Prior to owning his own business, Brady's career was spent working as an executive protection agent in Philadelphia, PA. During this time, Brady got a puppy, Gunner, who he fully trained himself to gain valuable experience both as a handler and a trainer. From there he took a risk, quit his full time job, and went for his dream. Today, his dream is a reality by owning and opening K9 Gunner Tactical.